The Location

Uniqueness and Design

The B&B I Dieci Mondi offers a choice of various rooms, in a villa with a roof terrace and garden, which has been completely renewed and furnished in a cozy way.

A little paradise in an elegant and dynamic neighborhood, close to plenty of business and tourist sites, but in a quite location far from the city traffic

The six beautiful and wide rooms have the names of different “worlds” and they have been furnished accordingly.

Inspired by…

Inspired by the Buddhist principle of the three thousands worlds in a single moment (ichinen sanzen), the concept of this B&B is to communicate the absence of barriers among different realities or dimensions (both physical and interior).

We are the universe and the universe is in ourselves: “the life net” of the mutual effects, of the cause-effect relationships, inside and outside ourselves, is so huge that everything could always happen…

The two young owners, both with marketing and communication experience, have chosen to reinvent their selves and to use their experience in understanding the consumer needs in order to satisfy their guests’ different demands creating a modern and cozy location, where you can find a family and warm environment with high levels of comfort.